Aaron's Story

Aaron K. Stern


In Memory

Aaron Kenneth Stern

July 22, 1979 - May 17, 2007

Aaron Kenneth Stern was born on July 22, 1979. Throughout childhood, Aaron had learning disabilities and struggled in school. When Aaron was 10 years old, he developed epilepsy and spent many years experiencing medication related adverse side effects. Aaron lived with seizures until he was 21, when he bravely made a choice to have brain surgery, resulting in resection of a golf ball sized portion of his brain and complete seizure control. Aaron then graduated from college, married, and became a successful business owner.

Despite all of the challenges he experienced, Aaron always persevered. Moreover, his challenges created a reservoir of empathy for others who also faced difficult obstacles to success, particularly those beyond their control and through no fault of their own. Aaron participated as a Big Brother through Big Brothers Big Sisters, employed a homeless man, and always went the extra mile to assist individuals with disabilities, particularly youth.

In May of 2007, Aaron was struck and killed by a drunk driver, while walking his dog near his home in Sapulpa, OK. Aaron's death is a devastating loss to his family, his friends, and to greater society. A kind, generous, and compassionate individual who impacted the lives of everyone around him, Aaron's love for God and others was evident in his daily activities. His goal was "to satisfy each and every individual I work for." A broad smile, twinkle in his eye, and kind heart made this 6'3" broad-shouldered man easily loveable. Aaron was an organ donor, and his last gift of life blessed many more with his love.

The Aaron K. Stern Foundation and Aaron's Camp were established in memory of Aaron and to embody those values central to Aaron’s character: perseverance, respect for the sanctity of life, investment in the lives of other less fortunate, and an appreciation for nature.

Aaron and friends at an outdoor summer science camp in 1989