Become a Camp Instructor, Nurse, Facilitator

Aaron’s Camp

Aaron’s Camp is a day camp designed to serve inner-city at-risk Tulsa middle school students ages 11-14. Aaron’s Camp takes place on an 80-acre ranch, 13 miles northeast of Locust Grove, OK, that includes woodlands, meadow, ponds, wildlife, and a Pavilion with accommodations for 25 individuals. Aaron’s Camp runs Mondays-Thursdays 9:00am-2:30pm in June, with two, 2-week sessions. Expert presenters provide didactic and hands-on experiences in six learning modules: Soil and Water, Forestry, Fishing & Wildlife, Biodiversity, Self-Confidence/Decision Making, and Healthy Lifestyle.

A Camp Facilitator, preferably a certified teacher, will oversee the camp schedule, supervisor the mentors and junior mentors,  facilitate the teams' cooperative efforts, and encourage team spirit. The Camp Facilitator will work closely with the Camp Instructor. The Camp Facilitator position has already been filled for the 2015 camp session.

We are seeking a Camp Instructor, who is a certified teacher, preferably with experience in science instruction. The role of the Camp Instructor is to provide science instruction using provided curriculum, complement the expert presenters, and facilitate hands-on learning experiences following didactic instruction. The Camp Instructor will work closely with the Camp Facilitator.

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We are also seeking a Camp Nurse, who is a certified nurse. The role of the Camp Nurse is to organize and maintain medical forms, administer medications, provide medical assistance if necessary, and provide information on healthy lifestyles.

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