The Aaron K. Stern Foundation has been established to provide opportunities 
for inner city youth to enhance their self-confidence and cultivate creativity while learning to appreciate scientific exploration in a relaxed, natural environment. The Foundation's objectives are:

  • Provide an organized, natural science experience,
  • Promote the scientific method of discovery through the study of nature,
  • Provide stimulating outdoor adventures (e.g., fishing, hiking, and astronomy, and tree, insect, and bird identification),
  • Promote both individual and collective skills by creating cooperative activities for which youth can contribute individual strengths,
  • Promote healthy choices and decision making, and
  • Foster social interactions.

Through participation in Aaron’s Camp and other related activities, it is our hope that youth will encounter positive experiences to stimulate intellectual development, encourage healthy decision-making, and foster positive peer interactions. In turn, these experiences will enhance their self-confidence and provide resilience to the negative life experiences they may encounter.

The Foundation was officially recognized by the United States Treasury April 30, 2012 as a 501 (c) (3) public charity. A board of professional members provides the input, direction, and oversight necessary for the Foundation to reach its potential. Beginning in 2010, donations were solicited from family, friends, and professional acquaintances and colleagues. The Foundation was created as a means of generating funds for the operation of Aaron’s Camp and associated activities.